This page will be updated with our public deliverables, articles, papers and communications material for EC², as well as other useful resources on related topics - watch this space! We hope that this page will provide a valuable knowledge base for anyone working in policy, research, or practice in the fields of energy citizenship and energy communities.


Work Package 2:
D2.1 Interdisciplinary understanding of energy citizenship
D2.3 Energy citizenship scale

Work package 3:
D3.3 Catalogue of potential legal and economic barriers or facilitators of energy citizenship

Work package 4:
D4.1 Report on experimental lab studies on energy communities
D4.2 Report on experimental lab studies on energy citizenship
D4.3 Longitudinal study report

Work package 5:
D5.1 Overview of available tools to support energy communities
D5.2 Specification of needs, aspiration, and requirements from four regions
D5.3 Prototype of co-created tools
D5.4 Evaluation of the effectiveness of tools

Work package 6:
D6.1 Energy Citizenship Briefings
D6.2 Energy Citizenship Empowerment Kits
D6.3 Energy Citizenship Academy Report

Work package 7:
D7.3 Evaluation report on policy and practice impacts
D7.4 Community engagement report


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Other Resources

EC Presentation Flyer: a downloadable PDF presenting our project aims and methodology.