The Community Energy Academy: Empowering Energy Citizens

What is energy citizenship and how can you apply it in practice to speed up and mainstream energy transitions? How can energy communities support people to become actors of change? Join the Community Energy Academy, launching April 2023!

The Community Energy Academy connects local (collective) energy actions, social justice, and empowering participation to provide creative solutions and new pathways. The programme is designed for public administrators, leaders and members of energy communities, researchers, and other sustainability experts who struggle with engaging with civil society in its diversity.

The programme goes beyond technology oriented solutions. Instead, it challenges the participants to address structural (e.g. regulations, funding) and non-structural (e.g. behaviour, motivation, culture) barriers which currently hinder and discourage the majority of people take action and contribute to a sustainable energy future - starting from their local communities.

Community Energy Academy launches in April 2023 with regular training opportunities through the year. Participation in the basic training is open and free. The online training programme consists of both interactive online training sessions and bite-sized email learning materials, allowing self-paced and flexible learning.

Why should you join?

  • Discover how you can become part of the energy citizenship movement and how this contributes to the sustainable energy transitions.

  • Learn how to develop people-centred energy initiatives, including energy communities, that respond to everyone’s needs and aspirations.

  • Understand the barriers that people face in their energy citizenship journey and how to overcome them (tools, methods, good practices).

  • Gain access to an international learning community, meeting and collaborating with other people-centered energy actors

Community Energy Academy builds on insights from multidisciplinary research and practical experiences. ICLEI Europe hosts the training in collaboration with leading European universities and research centers, pioneering municipalities, and engaged energy communities. The training is organized within the EC2-project (EU Horizon 2020).
Stay tuned for more information!

TimeModule TopicTrainer(s),,
April 2023INTRODUCTION module Introduction to the Community Energy Academy and energy citizenshipZSI - The Centre for Social Innovation, ICLEI Europe,
May 2023KNOWLEDGE module How to provide reliable information and facilitate the access to energy knowledge for citizens?University of Graz, ICLEI Europe,
June 2023HOUSING module What housing related factors and inequalities hinder people’s engagement in energy transitions? How can housing related initiatives facilitate energy citizenship?University of Graz, ICLEI Europe,
September 2023CO-CREATION module How to harness the potential of co-creation and collaborative governance in energy actions?Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, ICLEI Europe,
November 2023FINANCE module How can different financing and funding models hinder or enable energy citizenship and energy communities?Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, ICLEI Europe,
December 2023EMPOWERMENT module What is the relationship between energy communities and energy citizenship? What motivates people to act?Leipzig University, University of Groningen, ICLEI Europe