EC² employs both an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to gain an in-depth conceptualisation of energy citizenship. It will also enhance the understanding of the barriers and facilitators of energy communities and energy citizenship, and the interplay between the two. EC² works with:

  • Theoretical research on legal, economic and psychological aspects of energy communities and citizenship
  • Empirical lab and field studies on energy communities and energy citizenship
  • Co creation workshops with key stakeholders including municipalities, energy communities and citizens.

What is energy citizenship?

What is energy citizenship? How do energy citizens think, feel, and act? What does society expect from energy citizens and what do energy citizens expect from society? What obligations and rights are associated with energy citizenship? Which concepts of self, market and society are behind energy citizenship?

These are some of the questions we'll be trying to answer.

Drawing on expertise from law, psychology and economics and combining theoretical analysis and empirical field and lab study, the project’s academic analysis will be enriched by a knowledge co-creation process that brings together diverse actors from across the energy sector to ensure all results are informed by a real-world understanding of the energy industry, energy communities, and citizens themselves.

The results of the project will inform tools and actionable recommendations to empower citizens, support policy and governance, and ultimately facilitate the clean-energy transition.

In-depth country studies

The project’s outputs will be informed by research including in-depth studies in four countries: Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Poland. These will integrate the expertise of in-country research partners with the on-the-ground experiences of local energy communities and municipalities in diverse cultural and socio-economic settings. This diversity of actors and level of advancement will allow a better understanding of barriers and drivers of energy citizenship development.