Introducing the EC² project!

What are the conditions that will facilitate and strengthen energy citizenship for the much-needed transition to a low-carbon society?
That’s one of the key questions that the just-launched EC² project - Energy Citizenship and Energy Communities for a Clean Energy Transition - will address through three years of in-depth research and co-creation with a diverse range of stakeholders.

The project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation grant, is made up of a consortium of 14 partners from 6 countries, coordinated by the Centre for Social Innovation ZSI (Austria).

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, EC² brings together partners from the fields of law, psychology and economics to define energy citizenship and gain a better understanding of the factors that enable individuals to become empowered energy citizens, and will be enriched by co-creation processes with energy communities and municipalities from all across Europe.

After a smoothly facilitated and highly engaging two-day online launch, promising the start of a fruitful collaboration, the project will soon be in full swing as research gets under way. Stay tuned here on our website and via social media accounts for the latest project updates and more information about our consortium partners and methods!

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