New video shows citizen engagement on energy in action

Co-creation workshop sparks ideas for energy citizenship tools
February 8, 2023

"If we want to overcome environmental challenges, we have to light a spark within citizens as well." So said one participant in the second co-creation workshop held in Scalenghe municipality as part of EC². And what happens once the spark has been ignited? How can it be kept alive? This was the subject of the workshop, with participants exploring the challenges to becoming an energy citizen and giving their ideas on innovative tools to help the establishment of new energy communities, and the growth of energy citizenship at a socio-cultural level.

This new video documents the co-creation workshop, addressing not only the participants' ideas but also their experience and the question of how to engage citizens and 'light the spark' through meaningful, enjoyable, participatory processes. The outputs of the workshop will contribute to EC²'s upcoming deliverables, including policy recommendations for supporting energy citizenship, and tools to overcome the barriers to it.

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