Policy Brief: How to mainstream energy citizenship at the national level

Third EC² policy brief addresses national legal frameworks
20 February 2023

Our last policy brief addressed how EU regulations can be best adapted to support energy citizens. Now we turn to the transposition process and ask: how can energy citizenship be mainstreamed at the national level?

Drawing on the EC² project transdisciplinary research with citizens and municipalities in Spain, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands, this new policy brief addresses national legal frameworks and offers actionable recommendations for policymakers to help facilitate and accelerate a just and sustainable energy transition. In particular, it takes the example of Austria as a case study of a state where implementation of EU Directives is especially advanced, to demonstrate best practice actions and recommendations. A particular spotlight is shone on the need for greater public understanding of legal frameworks, which should be facilitated through clear and accessible information.

The brief clearly identifies challenges to address in legal and administrative frameworks, and public understanding thereof; and recommendations for changes at the national level, including best practice examples.

To read this and our other policy briefs on the concept of energy citizenship and regulation at the EU level - as well as other project publications and materials - visit our downloads page.

Download the brief here