EC² paper introduces interdisciplinary understanding of energy citizenship

Discover our interdisciplinary definition of energy citizenship, and legal, economic, and psychological perspectives of energy citizenship

By Karen Hamann, University of Leipzig
For the past half year, our scholarly EC2 members have been intensely working on creating a common understanding and finding an interdisciplinary definition of energy citizenship. While developing legal, economic and psychological ideas of energy citizenship, we had inspiring biweekly discussions and an exciting expert workshop to bring our perspectives together and generate an interdisciplinary definition that all of us would be able to work with: Energy citizenship is people's rights to and responsibilities for a just and sustainable energy transition. Building on this definition, co-creation workshops in Graz, Leipzig and Wroclaw stimulated the construction of a practical definition of energy citizenship.

In the deliverable, readers will find:

- A brief overview of how we arrived at our interdisciplinary definition
- A legal investigation of energy citizenship based in EU law
- An economic discussion of how energy citizenship represents a new economic model
- Psychological theorizing on how energy citizenship needs to be conceptualized in order to become an empirically investigable concept
- A discussion on the commonalities, differences and learning opportunities arising from the three scientific approaches
- A practical definition of energy citizenship building on three co-creation workshops

This deliverable will provide the basis for all next steps in EC2, among them the examination of legal, economic and psychological barriers to and chances for energy citizenship and energy communities in selected EU countries.

The deliverable can be viewed and downloaded here .