Energy Community Open Day at Torri Superiore

Torri Superiore opens up for a second time to discuss citizen energy issues

After the success of Torri Superiore and Ture Nirvane's first EC² open day, the ecovillage and renewable energy community decided to host a second event to further engage local participants on the subject of the energy transition.

Participants enjoy a tour of Torri Superiore's re-built medieval village with renewable energy infrastructure

The open day event held at Torri Superiore on January 7th brought together approximately 50 individuals eager to engage in discussions and activities focused on energy communities and sustainable living. The event encompassed a series of insightful presentations, a delicious buffet of Torri’s famously good food, and an engaging collaborative game centred on community building and collaborative housing.

The attendees actively participated in a presentation that delved into crucial subjects, particularly emphasising the pivotal role municipalities play in either supporting or impeding the ongoing energy transition. Discussions highlighted the significance of local governance and policies in fostering sustainable energy practices within communities, drawing on the experience of participants and Ture Nirvane, Torri Superiore’s energy community and a partner in the EC² project.

A delicious local lunch

One of the central themes explored during the event was the broader perspective of renewable energy beyond solar power. The discussions underscored the importance of recognizing and harnessing other renewable sources, specifically the utilisation of biomass available in the local territory. This focus on diversifying renewable energy sources aimed to emphasise the potential for a more comprehensive and sustainable energy mix.

The interactive segment of the event involved a collaborative game designed to promote community cohesion and emphasise the principles of collaborative housing. Participants actively engaged in this activity, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility towards building a sustainable living environment.

Participants play a community-focused game

Overall, the open day at Torri Superiore successfully gathered individuals passionate about sustainable energy and community development. It served as a platform for meaningful discussions, exchange of ideas, and interactive activities that aimed to promote awareness and practical steps towards a more sustainable energy future with citizens at the centre.

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